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Thursday, February 02, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Hyundai and BASF unveils light weight, performing concept car in India

Hyundai India in alliance with BASF, the largest chemical company, has unveiled a concept car which demonstrates the use of new materials in the development of lighter and more efficient cars in India. The German and the Koreans have aimed to reduce the weight of the car with the use of light weight materials provided by BASF (Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik). The concept called as i-Flow incorporates several weight reducing materials apart from using the same materials but in a different way without compromising the overall comfort and sturdiness of the car.  

Hyundai Eon Pictures

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Cars today are no doubt much lighter and stronger than earlier. Besides materials used in the cars are long lasting and contrary to the materials used earlier can be given any shape. As per reports, the concept uses plastic materials in place of metallic components wherever the earlier can be replaced without harming the purpose. There has been a significant use of Elastollan polymer which is said to be both light in weight and is strong as well besides capable of being molded in any shape. Apart from this the material is available in myriad colors thus proving to be the most suited product for the interiors and plastic components inside the car.

Hyundai Elantra Pictures

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Besides touches of lightness inside, the engine is also encapsulated in foam that reduces engine noise and also insulates it thus retaining the heat that furthers the efficiency of the engine and the car in general. In addition to this the heat from the exhaust pipe is being used to power some of the auxiliaries components in the car. For this purpose, there are thermoelectric converters fitted on the exhaust pipe.

Hyundai Verna Pictures

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Furthermore, the concept car i-Flow also showcases mirror finish paints which are also scratch resistant to some degree and use of soft to touch materials that enhance the overall comfort inside the car. Overall, the use of improved materials can lead to lower emissions, light weight body that boosts performance and more mileage besides lesser use of power by regenerating power from the exhaust.

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