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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Hyundai Sonata faulty seatbelts to be replaced

The leading Japanese car maker Hyundai Motors has recalled over 1600 units of its latest Sonata Hybrid sedan due to a problem with backseat center seat belt. The recall will affect the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid models that were manufactured between Dec 2, 2010 and March 7, 2012, as per a statement given by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US market. Moreover, more than 12,000 vehicles, which are still under consideration of NHTSA, are also expected to be included in the recall in the coming days.

Hyundai Sonata Photo

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Though the same center rear seat belts available in the non-hybrid version of this premium sedan Sonata are acceptable, as the center seat of that model folds flat and movement of the seat is allowed to reach the trunk as the seatbelts are detachable. But the use of the same seat belt is not allowed in the Hybrid version of Sonata sedan as the rear seat in this model is fixed.


Hyundai Sonata Photo

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As per the reports, while about 13,095 affected vehicles have already been sold, about 1,633 Sonata Hybrid sedans are still in dealer inventory. While the company is ready to fix the seat belt problem in 1,633 Sonata Hybrid sedans which are still under inventory, the firm has filed a petition for exemption for the models that have already been sold on the basis of - the noncompliance described is inconsequential as it relates to motor vehicle safety – NHTSA stated. If the NHTSA given Hyundai a green signal on the petition, the company won’t have recall 13,095 already sold units of Sonata Hybrid.

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