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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Hyundai to display a super fuel efficient car at Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai Motors, the much popular South Korean auto giant, is all set to unveil an all new fuel efficient car at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. As per the recent media reports, the new Hyundai hatchback is a new version of the company’s popular premium car Hyundai i20. The car will be blessed with company’s very successful fluidic flavor, giving it a charismatic look outside.

The car, which is named as Hyundai ultra-frugal i20, is based on company’s new generation concept vehicle that delivers commendable high fuel efficiency along with very low carbon emission level. The emission level of the car is only 84g/km of CO2.The car will be showcased on next Tuesday at the high profile Geneva Motor Show, where a large number of car enthusiasts will be waiting for this car to be uncovered at the Hyundai platform.

Hyundai i20 Pictures

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The company will roll-out this model in two variants including a basic and an advanced version. The basic version of the car will be carrying a 1.1L diesel engine at its heart that is capable of delivering a peak power of 74bhp. On the other hand, the advanced version of the car will come powered by a 1.4L petrol engine that generates a peak output of 89 bhp. The emission level of this advanced variant is slightly higher at 96g/km as compared to the basic version’s 84g/km.

Besides its length, the other dimensions of this new age i20 have been kept same as before. The increase in the length is about 55mm that takes its total length to 3995mm. The other expected major attractions of the new highly fuel efficient car include high class sound system, GPS console screen included, and even parking assistance.

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