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Monday, January 23, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Hyundai to launch 10-speed automatic transmission

You have seen four speed gears in Maruti 800, you have seen five, six speed transmission in other cars, now it’s time for the real show. Hyundai is reportedly developing a 10 speed automatic gearbox. This will help make Hyundai cars more powerful and performing besides being frugal. Interestingly Korean car makers Hyundai and Kia are working jointly on this program.

Sources say that introduction of 10 speed transmission will further increase the top speed of the Hyundai cars in addition to the plus of power they will have. However, it is not yet public as to which Hyundai cars will be fitted with this new transmission box. Recently, Hyundai has unveiled the 8-speed automatic gearbox in the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Sedan. This automatic transmission has helped the new engine offer 2 mile per gallon more mileage compared to the six speed before.

Hyundai Genesis Pictures

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The car world expects more from this 10 speed gearbox in the form of performance and mileage. As per sources, Hyundai would be able to house this 10 speed gearbox in its cars somewhere in 2014. Besides others German transmission equipment maker ZF builds transmission boxes. It offers a variety of automatic and manual transmissions ranging from four to 16 speed. The ZF 16-speed transmission is built for trucks.

Presently, Hyundai cars house four, five, six and seven speed manual/automatic gearbox. Introduction of the 10 speed automatic gearbox is expected to be in the high end offering by Hyundai.


Hyundai Genesis Pictures

See More Hyundai Genesis Pictures Get Hyundai Genesis Price

According to car experts, a car’s performance largely depends on the transmission system it has.

Manual transmission generally offers more mileage but these are more economical in the automatic mode when the number of gears extends to six, seven speeds. As an average if a five speed manual car offers 15 kmpl mileage, the same car with an automatic four/five speed automatic gearbox will return slightly less mileage. However, automatic transmission is preferred in case of city driving and when the number of gears exceeds six or seven.

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