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Thursday, October 02, 2014

By Kriti Gupta

Hyundai’s Santa Fe Captures Aliens

Hyundai Motor India launches a unique viral campaign Santa Fe Aliens Capture; an initiative to expand the outreach through digital medium. The story unfolds to show how aliens are trying to invade the powerful and dynamic Santa Fe but what happens when the unmatched power of Santa Fe overpowers the supremacies of aliens and how the extraterrestrials end up being the slaves of humans!
Hyundai Santa Fe Front View Picture
The new Santa Fe was introduced by car maker during Indian Auto Expo 2014 held earlier this year and it is equipped with huge fleet of various remarkable features to provide complete luxurious experience to passengers. It is powered with 3rd Generation 2.2L CRDi engine equipped with e-VGT turbocharger. This engine is based on company’s R series engine concept and develops the power of 197 PS at 3,800 rpm and torque of 42.9 kgm at rpm from 1800 to 2500. It will deliver an average of 14.74 kmpl (MT-ARAI certified) and 13.01kmpl (AT-ARAI certified).
Watch the video how Aliens capture the Santa Fe


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