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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

By Kriti Gupta

India bound new Volkswagen Polo is the bestselling car in South Africa

The new Volkswagen Polo hatchback from German car maker has yet to make its debut in Indian car market has succeeded in being honored as one of the  best selling cars in South African car market. Well this is not an end, according to reports of South African auto industry the cars offered by German car maker Volkswagen and Japanese car maker Toyota Motors dominates the African car market by capturing five top positions among  best ten selling cars in African continent.
Volkswagen Polo Front View Picture
According to sales figures revealed by African auto industry the German group succeeded in selling out 2,994 units of Polo sold in month of June as compared 2,326 units sold during the month of May this year. This success of Polo was followed by its sibling Polo Vivo (the enlarged version of hatchback Polo, developed specifically of African market) selling out 2,627 units in month of June as compared to 2,476 units sold during the month of May 2014. The new Volkswagen Polo has been offered with price tag of R188,300 (approx INR 10.46 lakh). 
Volkswagen Polo Front View Side Picture
The second car to lead the race is Toyota Corolla which recorded the sales of 2117 units sold in June 2014 as compared to 1992 units sold in month of May 2014. One thing which emerged as surprising element in African car market was slump in sales of Etios which recorded sales of 999 units sold in June as compared to 1033 units of Etios sold in month of May.
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