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Monday, February 27, 2012

By Pawan Rana

India gets its fastest racing car, Univ student develops petrol powered concept car

Quest for speed seems to begin at an early age, perhaps in India. A 20-year-old student of Sharda University has designed a claimed-to-be India’s fastest racing car. The car is at the concept stage and will take another year to arrive at a production ready stage. The car was displayed at the Techno - Cultural Festival “Chorus 2012” organized Sharda University at Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida on February 23 and was the centre of attraction for the visitors. The effort by the University student  Diwakar Vaish is seen to pave the way for India’s first racing car as there is hardly any car company making a speed car in India.


Fastest Car

The India’s fastest concept racing car is presently at the design & model stage but as per reports, the car is capable of hitting production soon if it gets some sponsor or some car company buys the concept. The car was developed in collaboration and technical guidance of the Sharda University and is also being funded by it. The petrol powered racing car is said to be faster than all the racing cars. As per the claims this car is said to be faster than Ferrai, Lamborghini or a Maserati.

As per sources, the car weighs only 550 kg and is made of ultra light material. The car runs on petrol and is of 11 feet in length with a highly streamlined body qualifying to be a perfect racing car. The car is only three feet in height. However, experts are undergoing the feasibility and the dimensions as well as design of the car before it can be called India’s fastest concept racing car. As per sources, since it is at a concept level, several specifications and proportions of the car many vary in the production model.

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