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Monday, November 03, 2014

By Jitendra Singh

Indian hatchbacks Maruti Suzuki Swift and Datsun Go fail in Global NCAP crash test

The renowned Maruti Swift Swift and recently launched Datsun Go hatchbacks of Indian car market could not succeed in clearing the recent crash test organized by Global NCAP. Surprisingly the famous Indian hatchback Maruti Suzuki Swift did not succeed in receiving any start during the test while driving the car at speed of 64 km/h. According to reports the authorities carried out the Crash test on two of the variants of Swift hatchback, one which is being sold in Indian car market and the one which is being sold in Latin America. More surprising fact of this failure is that in Latin America installation of airbags is mandatory where as in Indian car market it is not so.
Maruti Suzuki Swift Front Angle View Picture
While talking about Datsun Go, although absence of airbags affected the crash test, but surprisingly hatchback’s whole body got severely hit including serious injuries to dummies of passenger and driver on head, legs and torso. The Global NCAP agency has made it mandatory for all car makers to install airbags and ABS in variants of their all vehicles even in the base variants and get them certified from the responsible authorities. The crash results showed that dummies inside the cars received severe injuries, especially the driver side. The physique of hatchbacks also got severely attacked. One the other side version of Swift being sold in European car market has succeeded in acquiring 5 star in crash test due to much stronger body then existing in Indian car market.
Datsun Go Front View Picture
The version of Swift existing in Latin American car market succeeded in acquiring 3 star rating due to presence of airbags and ABS, as the result of which although car was almost damaged during the test but still the driver and passenger were safe and had been injured (of-course not so badly). 

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