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Thursday, February 21, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Isuzu MU 7 SUV’s 60 units to be imported

Isuzu India has just started its operations or rather call these as ground testing operations by launching two cars Isuzu MU 7 and Isuzu D-Max. Though it cannot be called as a full fledged launch but it has at least hinted at the willingness of this Japanese brand in launching more cars in India. These two cars will be brought to India on order as completely built up units and as per the sources information the only Hyderabad dealership will be the touchstone of success or failure of this car maker. Recently, the full specification of the MU 7 SUV and the D-Max were known to the Indian car industry and it got an opportunity to assess the prospects of these Isuzu cars in India.

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Though heftily priced the MU-7 can be all yours at a start price of Rs 24.17 lakh. In commensurate with this high price, Isuzu has also incorporated several features in the car that will make it compete with Toyota Fortuner, Chevrolet Captiva and Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs. The D-Max on the other hand is priced at Rs 8.10 lakh and this price makes this car to compete with Mahindra Genio Pickup, Tata Xenon Pickup truck.

As per the information, the MU-7 has already got 9 customers and the car giant plans to import only 60 units of the car in India. The MU-7 is basically 163 PS diesel powered car that has an electronic CRDi engine with five speed manual gearbox. The seven seater car has a top speed of 175 kmph and it can sprint to a 100 kmph mark in over 10 seconds. Studded with ABS and EBD besides 2 airbags, the car is in itself takes care of comfort and safety of the occupants. Experts believe that the car will sell at a slow pace as nothing is right about it, neither the price not the specification and the brand is completely new for the car buyers.

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