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Saturday, August 11, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Jaguar floats F type car video ahead of Paris launch

Tata owned British car maker Jaguar will be launching the jaguar F Type car this September at the Parish Motor Show. This is the most sensation car by the luxury and sports car manufacturer and it is expected to bring in new record sales with the new two-seat roadster. The F Type car will be based on the Jaguar XK convertible. The new F Type Jaguar car is all set to be unveiled at the Paris Show and an early 2013 production is expected to be on the cards. The V6 engine powered F Type has been spotted testing at various instances and a plug in hybrid version could also be in the expected model lineup.

Recently a video has been released by Jaguar in which the F type has been shown in its fullest might. This video is also significant as it has just preceded the September Paris Show. In the video the narrator Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director at Jaguar has said that the world maintains huge expectations if Jaguar is developing a new car. The video suggests how Jaguar has all planned every inch of the car through a virtual medium and with relentless effort; it has put up the real world model. Jaguar director also has reportedly said in the narration that it is to be seen how Jaguar has turned a sports car into an exceptional vehicle.

It is believed that the Jaguar F Type will be continuing the tradition that has been left by the Jaguar E Type. Notably the E Type was discontinued in 1975 and after that Jaguar XJ-S and XK models were pitched in as big sized tourers. The new Jaguar car is expected to be of a size that will be somewhat smaller than a Porsche 911 and larger than a Porsche Boxter.

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