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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Jaguar Land Rover spearheads in sales, registers 32 percent sales boost

There are only a few car makers in the car industry that are able to sustain a positive growth in this grim economic situation currently in progress in the country and world over. Inflationary pressures, high car loan rates, rise in the price of petrol and diesel and many other factors have just dampened the buying capacity of the people and thus the demand took a sharp decline. But British car maker Jaguar is one that could sustain nearly 32 percent growth in 2012 and is continuing the pace in the opening two months this year. the recent launch of the Jaguar XJ Ultimate and the best selling Land Rover Range Rover Freelander have greatly contributed in helping the car giant pose positive growth.  

Jaguar XJ Pictures

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Jaguar Land Rover has sold over 26,855 cars in the last month and that constitutes 4595 Jaguar cars while there are 22,269 Jaguar Land Rover cars sold in the same month. In India as well the car maker is able to increase sales by 32 percent. So, what does this indicate? Is India loosing capacity to buy cars or this is some indication that now only luxury cars and super luxury cars thrive in this bad weather currently hovering over the Indian car industry. Whatever be the case, the car maker has certainly made progress in such a difficult situation.  

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Not only just India, but in other parts of the globe the car maker is able to get good sales. It has grown by over 20 percent in Asia, 6 percent Europe, 20 percent in North America, but  down by 22 percent in China. Two things have helped the car maker attain this. New JLR car launches and secondly it is the Freelander sales that have largely contributed to much enthusiastic sales in the last few months.

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