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Monday, March 10, 2014

By Kamal Swami

Jaguar to discontinue production of XK

The British multinational car maker Jaguar is going to discontinue the production of Jaguar XK coupe in coming next months due to declining interest of customers towards it. It is reported that as an impact of increasing demand for Jaguar F-Type coupe the sales of XK declined drastically due to which company has decided to stop its production. Reports also reveal that as a part of its future strategy company wants to focus on future models for instance XE saloon and F-Type coupe.  As far as introduction of launching substitute of XK is concerned nothing has been so far disclosed by the company, which is mainly because of increasing popularity of T-Type coupe. According to reports with objective of exhausting its existing stock from market company has also slashed down the price of XK in the market of United States of America.
With price tag falling between Rs. 89.47 lakh and Rs. 1.27 crore in Indian car market, Jaguar XK is equipped with 5.0 litre V8 engine churning the power of 510 bhp and torque of 625 Nm. The existing version of Jaguar XK was launched in International car market long back in 2007 and has stood in market for long time without any facelift.
jaguar XK Pictures
It would be interested to know that although there is decline in demand of XK, but still it succeeds in grabbing attention of people while it runs on road.
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