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Friday, April 06, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Jaguar to launch F type sports car next year

Jaguar which is owned by Tata India said that it will be launching the F type super car next year. The Jaguar F super car will be offered in a variety of variants powered by petrol engines. The car maker will be unveiling the F type later this year. Significantly, Jaguar has started building F type sports car after the recent enthusiasm shown by car lovers for the Jaguar C-X16 concept unveiled by the car maker in September last year. As per reports, a production ready concept of the Jaguar F supercar will be unveiled later this year.

Jaguar C X16 Pictures

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Those who know the in and out of auto industry well know that Jaguar cars are synonym of speed and power delivery. With the launch of the F type car, the British car maker will mark its reentry into a segment that it has lacked its presence for sometime. Currently, the details of the Jaguar F car are unavailable and as per sources the car maker will be giving full details of the car later this year with a launch planned in middle of next year. Initial information reveals that Jaguar has planned to produce the F cars at is Castle Bromwich plant.

Jaguar C X16 Pictures

See More Jaguar C-X16 Photos Get Jaguar C-X16 Price

In order to keep the overall weight down and also to make it safe for the occupants, the two seater F car will be made of all aluminium. If it is a Jaguar car, power will surely be in its veins and there will be different petrol powerplants options available assuring full performance. The F type car will be a worth addition to the existing fleet of Jaguar cars such as XF, XJ saloons and XK convertibles. The F type will be the first venture into sports cars after the C,D and E type cars by Jaguar.

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