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Monday, August 08, 2016

By Kamal Swami

Japan Government confirms the use of mirror less cars

Mirror Less Car Front View

Installation of rear view mirrors inside and outside the cars plays an important role in offering safe driving to drivers, giving them complete view of the surroundings closer to their cars. The relevance of mirrors in car can be understood from the fact that installation of large mirrors assures improved vision.  But at the same time they also have various drawbacks mainly the large size of these mirrors increases the chances of their damage through fellow vehicles, while parking cars inside the garage, during car wash etc. Moreover installation of mirrors impacts the fuel efficiency of cars. On the contrary whenever any new concept car is rendered by car makers it does not have any mirrors installed on it, thus enhancing the overall appearance of car. 

Mirror Less Car Side View
But now it seems that now the installation of mirrors is going to be folklore in coming future as now the siren of new era has been blown by the government of Japan confirming the use of cameras in place of mirrors in cars. The move from Japanese government has been followed in continuation to United Nation’s World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations 2105 emphasizing on use of video cameras rather than large mirrors.

Mirror Less Car Rear View
After this announcement by the government of Japan suppliers of car accessories have started making preparations of developing video cameras for cars according to newly developed rules. In this direction a company named Ichikoh has started developing the supporting devices for selling to car manufacturers. According to CEO of Ichikoh "It's a really new segment with higher content, and that means higher revenue opportunities”. Moving ahead he also said that "This is the trend, and we have to be in front of the others. On the other side Bosch renowned lens manufacturer has been in business of developing video cameras installed in the A-pillars of commercial trucks.

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