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Thursday, December 06, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

JLR to get a push after Jaguar XJ and other cars featured in Bond’s Skyfall

James Bond and Jaguar has now a blood relation. Just as Bond’s Skyfall is a hit at the box office so is JLR expecting high sales. As per the reports, the car maker has supplied over 77 cars during the movie which were used in various scenes and the action packed drama. The Jaguar XJ featured as M’s car while Land Rover Range Rover Defender featured in the opening scene. Thus the relation between Bond and JLR is further strengthened in the new 007 movie that is creating new benchmarks on the box office.  

In Die Another Day as well, the Jaguar XKR was used by the villain while 007 was behind Aston Martin Vanquish wheels. As per experts, the JLR cars are born this way and are meant to fuel some excitement to action. In almost all action movies, JLR cars are the first choice of film makers. It is expected that the latest featuring of the car in 007 Skyfall movie will be boon to JLR in India and around the world. Specially the M’s XJ as well as the Defender SUV will get an instant push. Meanwhile, auto pundits in India have predicted around 10 percent increase in sales due to the movie. The movie is expected to do a business of around Rs 56 crore in India and JLR is expected to get fabulous response as well.

Jaguar XJ Photo

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It is also believed that the movie could give a push to JLR sales in India and other countries as it is undergoing a tough phase and Tata had to pump in money to keep the venture alive. Meanwhile, experts also believe that the inclusion of the JLR cars has been a move prompted by Tata and featuring XJ as M’s car did work well. Though M died in the film but it could revive JLR.

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Jaguar XJ is really an awesome super car which has eye-catchy design and array of features. It has direct competition to Aston Martin cars use in old 007 movies. I have seen this movie and the used Jaguar XJ in new Skyfall 007 seems more features rich than in open market available model.

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