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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

JLR Venture spreads to meet Emission Research Tasks for Tata Motors

To plan future developments, Tata Motors initiates strategies to perk up its investments in its Jaguar Land Rover venture. To support proper channeling of the plan,  hefty 1.5 billion pounds a year investments is figured out as stated by a dedicated official of Tata Motors.

As per Mr. C.R. Ramakrishnan, a concerned senior member of the board bench, the surfaced plan that the management is opting, has the Chinese market in their target. Jaguar Land Rover, a luxury car manufacturing enterprise of Tata Motors is processed to be expanded in China which is slightly delayed for its inaugural tasks as it looms for the approvals from the Government of China. Further declaration of the Chinese spreads shall be done once everything is finalized.

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40.5 per cent hike in earnings was experienced in quarter to end-December. Reason behind this is its JLR stamped products safeguards the reputation that it lost with the perished performances of its low cost home grown products. In a totality, 95 per cent profit during the same tenure was fetched by JLR venture that it drove by its mesmerizing new compact Evoque SUV that was launched in Russian and Chinese automobile fleas. The USD 2.3 billion priced Ford Motor Co. that Tata Motors took under its shed in 2008 drove them a 20 per cent profit in 3 months itself which is approximately thrice of what the domestic venture brought.

The reason behind the expansion of JLR is to gain exceptional profit that may be channelized to support technical refinement and advancements that may optimize emission related issues. Fiat, in spite of not bringing good sales figure yet is not to be broken away with Tata Motors.

Tata Motors is looking forward to inaugurate 230 showrooms for their cheapest family car, Tata Nano. Presently, only 120 showrooms are catering this small car as reported by Mr. P.M. Telang, managing director of the company's Indian counterpart. He also stated that Sri Lanka and Nepal also has a sound demand for this car.

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