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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

By Kamal Swami

Key players in hatchback segment during the month of April

Although Indian car market is going through its worst phase despite of various efforts made by car makers to improve the declining sales. But still there are some key players in hatchback segment who have managed to attract the car buyers and retain their position even when the condition is not so good. Let us throw some light on these major hero’s which continued to be the best sellers in month of April 2014.

1.       Maruti Celerio: There could be nothing better name except the Maruti Celerio which with its launch during the Indian Auto Expo 2014 grabbed the attention of all segments in Indian car market. The major reason behind the huge success of Celerio was integration of Automatic gear transmission system and its availability at an affordable price. It would be interested to know that 50% of the Celerio booking were made for automatic transmission system and despite of long waiting period buyers are not searching for another option. During the month of April Celerio managed to sale out about 5805 units.

2.       Hyundai Grand i10: Launch of Hyundai Grand i10 in Indian car market last year was not less than a revolution setting a new benchmark in hatchback segment. Hyundai Grandi10 was based on its predecessors Hyundai i10 and i20 but was blessed with various remarkable features which were missing in erstwhile version of i series hatchback from Korean car maker followed by fuel efficient performance. According to sales statistics data revealed by company it managed to sale out 9,6192 units of Grand i10 during the month of April.

3.       Hyundai i20: Hyundai i20 the elder sibling of Hyundai Grand i10 also managed to attract towards in second year after it got last update in 2012. The key factors which managed to grab attraction of customers included fleet of features, spacious cabin and fuel efficient performance. During the month of April company managed to sold out 3,459 units.

4.       Maruti Suzuki Alto (800 & K10): Since its inception Alto has proved to be a fruitful tree for country’s leading car manufacturing company MSIL. Both hatchbacks 800 and K10 in Alto series have fascinated the buyers from all segments of society.  Both hatchbacks managed to sale out 16,673 units during the month of April.

5.       Maruti Suzuki Swift: Maruti Suzuki Swift is another initiative from MSIL which has succeeded in retaining its charm even after more than decade since its inception. During the month of April company is reported to sale out about 15,875 units of Swift hatchback which is current scenario seems to be quite impressive sales figure.

6.       Hyundai Eon: One more initiative from South Korean also succeeded in delivering quite impressive sales figures during the month of April 2014 by selling out 6500 unit. Moving ahead with an objective to enhance the sales of this hatchback car maker has upgraded the top end variant of Eon Magna with 1.0 litre Kappa petrol engine and speculates to record an increase in sales during the month of May.

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