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Friday, April 27, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Lamborghini inaugurates first showroom in Mumbai

Lamborghini, the Italian luxury car honcho has spread its dealership to Mumbai. The company today inaugurated its first dealership in Mumbai and has appointed Autohanger as its dealer to upsurge its carriage in India. Autohanger is one of the prominent dealers for Mercedes Benz India. In northern India, Delhi based distributor, Exclusive Motors, has been promoting the brand and will continue to succor the customers there. Autohanger will be serving the customers located in the western part of the country. Lamborghini is mulling to establish its own NSC (National Sales Company) in India as its parent company; Volkswagen Group has got a strong foothold in India.

Lamborghini Gallardo Photo

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Another company that falls under Volkswagen Group, Porsche, will also be having its NSC under Volkswagen umbrella in India. Lamborghini has rendered a special allotment to the country of 8-10 Lamborghini Aventador cars. There is already an echelon of car buyers in India who are willing to own the awe inspiring Lamborghini that pumps out a staggering high power of 700hp. The brand is expected to be inducted in India in the coming two to three years and the luxurious car cos plans to market only 40 to 50 cars.

Lamborghini Murcielago Photo

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