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Saturday, April 21, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Lamborghini Urus SUV to be launched at Beijing Motor Show

Italian racing car maker Lamborghini will be showcasing its powerful 600 hp SUV Lamborghini Urus (probable name) at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. Earlier there were rumors that the SUV will be christened as Deimos but later it was found that the Lambo SUV will be Urus. The five meter SUV is likely to have proportions different altogether from BMW X6 and is expected to be the fastest SUV available ever in the history of cars. The Beijing Motor Show will be witnessing the showcase of the mightiest of the SUV soon.

Lamborghini Gallardo Photo

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The Lamborghini SUV that is expected to be displayed at the Beijing Motor Show is likely to be based on the PL71 platform that was developed by the parent Volkswagen group. The all wheel drive Lambo SUV will be as fast as the other cars of the marquee are and is expected to have more of the on roading qualities than being a true off roader. Garnished with LED headlamps and outside rear view mirrors having integrate cameras make the drive in the Lambo SUV safe and faster. Obviously, when you are going too fast you need to have an eye on the front side, rear, everywhere. Trapezoid shaped exhausts tips four in number will handle the emissions from the mammoth 600 hp engine. 24-inch alloys make sure that even the nastiest of the bumps are absorbed by the wheels with ease and the ride is as smoother as if the Lambo is galloping on feather.

Lamborghini Murcielago Photo

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A close look at the Lamborghini SUV to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show indicate that it has close resemblance with the Lamborghini Aventador. Though there is no official word out regarding the power output of the Lamborghini car but it is believed to be around 580 hp. Notably, this is the second SUV by the Italian car maker.

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