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Monday, July 11, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Lamborghini wonder cars not to witness Labour-intensive diffusion

Since a very long time, it has been dreaded that the wonder cars would face a closure of machinery diffusion by hard laborious work performed physically. This notion has turned into a fact, as the maker of supercars Lamborghini has made up its mind to do away with the ancient method of putting machinery physically and to perform the deed automatically.

The well-known supercar maker of the world announced that the latest Gallardo would be their final car which represents any physical labour. And the prospective supercar models like, Lamborghini Murcielago successor, Lamborghini Aventador and yet to be christened Gallardo successor, every one of these cars, would have the aspect of automatic transmission.

Wonder car Lamborghini Gallardo, of Italy is likely to be made public by the coming year, 2012, and it will have the similar programme as Lamborghini Aventador, the supercar, which has a 7 speed, dual clutch AT.

Oerlikon Graziano, the maker of transmission in Italy, is presently manufacturing transmissions for the enticing Lamborghini wonder cars inclusive of Lamborghini Aventador too. The rage commenced in the gossip bazaar, on the statement of Paolo Mantelli, the Chief of Automotive Transmission and Oerlikon Graziano. They together amazed the automobile market on answering to a query regarding the prospect of manual transmission. They stated that there will forever be a labour-intensive bazaar in Europe till the government permits it, although they have been requested to devise AMTs (Automated Manual Transmissions) which have no place for physical alternatives.

Maurizio Reggiani, R & D Director, Lamborghini, in the defence of this response, clarified the adage of the pronouncement that one cannot always depend on the steered of the vehicle to move gears without hiccups. He further alleged that only a meagre of 1-2% of Lamborghini cars in the souk was physically transmitted. He maintained that the customers would be unable to distinguish this and thus will not be distressed.

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