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Thursday, February 28, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Land Rover Defender All Terrain Electric unveils at Geneva Motor Show

Electric cars have always been considered to be meant for in city commutations only and that too for some really short trips. But Land Rover seems to change this opinion soon with the launch of Land Rover Defender All Terrain Electric variant. Already the car is a hit as one of the most robust and realtime SUVs but it is really a wonder how LR will be able to cope sophistication with really dirt buster SUVs. It is said that the LR Defender All Terrain Electric version will be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. But car buyers will have to wait longer than expected before LR will bring a production ready version of the car. It is to be noted that the Jaguar Land Rover has recently launched Jaguar XJ Ultimate variant in India at the starting price of Rs 1.78 crore.

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The Defender’s electric version uses 90 PS motor with a peak torque output of 330Nm. The motor is powered by a 300 V 27kWh power pack that takes the car to over 80 km in a single charge. In addition to this if the SUV is used at low speed and that too as an off-roading vehicle it can go for as long as 8 hours without needing a recharge. After a complete discharge, the car needs a recharge time between 4 hrs to 10 hrs. The power from the motor goes straight to the single speed transmission system that further powers the 4WD standard drive system. Thus one can see that it not at all lacks in terms of power as 90 PS is much power for some soft off-roading. Though this is only a concept vehicle and the production model could have more power and longer run than this car.

There are a lot of energy saving features except the weight which is more than the fuel powered Defender. Other than this the car has brake energy regeneration system, air cooling and other features in addition to minimal features inside. It is the battery pack that has got the weight.

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