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Friday, April 29, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Land Rover Discovery Sport undergoes minor updates

British car maker Land Rover has upgraded the Discovery Sport SUV without making any mechanical changes under the bonnet. The new updates have been introduced to offer smooth driving experience to the buyers. The major update introduced is introduction of smart app known as “Tile’s Advance Tracking” that facilitates you to get your personal stuff’s like bags, wallets etc attached to Bluetooth enabled chip traker. The use of this application will help in tracking your different items and let you know that whether they are inside your vehicle or not. If you are items are inside the car it will interestingly track them and if not it will display the directions on the screen where item was last seen. The application is compatible for the apple and android smart phone users.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Front Side View
The next feature integrated is InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System. This system is in form of 10.2 touchscreen tablet mounted on dashboard, which helps in controlling various operations of car through touchscreen rather than operating them manually. The worth mentioning feature of this facility is integration of 60GB hard drive and Intel Qual Core processor making Discovery Sport undoubtedly the best technically advanced car across the world. 
Land Rover Discovery Sport Tiles Application
And finally the last but not least British car maker has enriched Discovery Sport with three new safety features known as driver control monitor, lane keep assist and intelligent speed monitor. The driver control monitor will keep a hawk eye on every activity of driver and warn driver if anything unusual happens. The lane keep assist system will have forward facing camera that will keep an eye on the lane settings and if by chance car shifts into another lane it will pull the car back to its driving lane. The intelligent speed monitor keeps eye on various traffic signs and detects the speed limit in the area. Apart from this it also get color options and optional graphite package.

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