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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

By Kamal Swami

Land Rover to discontinue to production of Defender after 2015

There is bad news for aspirants of Land Rover Defender which may disappoint them. It is reported that Land Rover will not be manufacturing new units of its Defender SUV from after 2015. According to sources of company decision of stopping the production of Defender by end of 2015 taken after understanding that the vehicle is not able to meet the necessary safety and emission standards determined according to current scenario.
It would be important to mention that company has already stopped the production of Defender in United States of American and now it has decided to discontinue the vehicle in other countries throughout the world. According to sales statistics for this year revealed by company reveals that in Europe it sold out 561 units, and 487 units is Australia. But unfortunately vehicle does not meet the requisite safety measures as the result of which company is compelled to remove its highly appraised SUV from global market.
Defender is one of the oldest models launched by Land Rover in global market and carried almost the same features which were integrated in it at the time of its launch back in 1948. However, still in crowd of various luxurious SUV’s of current scenario it succeeded in recording sales of 15,000 to 20,000 units every year.
According to industry expert expect that Land Rover will soon launch the substitute of Defender in coming future. However this expectation is only a prediction from industry experts and answer to this question is hidden in future. According to reports where experts are expecting launch of Defender’s substitute by end of 2015, on the other side it is rumored that it will take company three years to manufacture its replacement which means by 2018 Land Rover will launch substitute of Defender.

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