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Thursday, February 18, 2016

By Kriti Gupta

London Classic Car Show 2016: The expected eye catchers

Scheduled to held between February 18, 2016 and February 21, 2016 the London Classic Car Show is one of the must attend show to witness the glory of classic cars and go back to their golden period when these cars were dream cars of the then generation. Encouraged from the last Classic Car Show held last year this year the show is expecting to witness huge success and receive an over whelming response from car mavens across the world.  On this occasion let us have a look on the classic cars that are expected to exhibit their charm with pride among the car enthusiasts of today’s generation.
1. Daimler DB18: Speculated to be the last member of its family this unique piece of art from 1939 was used by former Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1944 and 1949 while he was campaigning for election. This can be witnessed from the pictures posted in news papers during that time in which U.K Prime Minister can be seen addressing the public gatherings with loudspeaker mounted on the bonnet of car.

Daimler DB18 Front View
2. Jaguar E Type Racer (1961): Developed in early 60’s only seven units of Jaguar E Type Racer were developed by the car maker. The car was driven by Coombs, one of the then Jaguar dealers in Surrey. The racer is going for auction in April this year and is expected to be priced between £700,000 and £900,000.

Jaguar E Type Racer Side View
3. Jaguar XJ 13: Interestingly despite of various similar units XJ13 developed by Jaguar no unit had succeeded in carrying the looks similar to unit developed by Malcolm Sayer. The car will be showcased during the show by its actual team and will be placed for public view on the Grand Avenue. 
Jaguar XJ 13
4. Lamborghini Miura: Also referred as the first super car developed across the world, Lamborghini Miura has successfully complete five decades of its successful existence this year. The reputation of this super car is not less than a Hollywood Star and will be showcased at the Grand Avenue for public view for first time after many years.
Lamborghini Miura Front Side View
5. Land Rover Series 1: Series 1 from Land Rover has played an incredible role in British auto industry and therefore watching it during the show will not surprise the visitors. The first unit of this unique master piece was developed back in 1948 and till today it is recognized as one of the strongest contender in car racing family.
Land Rover Series 1 Front Side View
6. Matra MS120: The 1970 built Matra MS120 has been one of the successful car of F1 which is empowered with V12 engine. During its peak time it was one of the best sounding F1 cars.

Matra F1 Front View
7. McLaren F1: It would not be wrong to say honoring this supercar during the show is one of the highlights of London Classic Car show. Developed by renowned car designer Gordon Murray the current value of this car has assumed to be £50 million.

McLaren F1 Front Side View
8. Super performance GT40: It is one of the best illustrations of GT40 Le Mans winner, it is one of the highly priced Gulf cars which were sold in 2012 with price tag of $11million.

Super Performance GT40 Front Low View

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