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Thursday, June 21, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Luxury cars go gaga in MP, car makers rope in plans for the state

Mercedes Benz B Class, Audi S4, BMW 3 Series and other upcoming luxury cars in India will have one destination for their launch in the country – Madhya Pradesh. The rise in petrol has no effect on it, the increased interest rates have no effect on it and the current economic slowdown in the country has no effect on it. Guess what is it? It is demand for premium cars in the state. Keenly sensing the rising demand for luxury cars in the state, a lot of premium car makers have scheduled their car launches in MP. Already there are too many premium offerings from BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz stable and all will be eyeing the state to give a jump to their sales.

Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

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German car maker Audi has recently launched its premium SUV Audi Q3 in India starting at Rs 34.64 lakh in MP as well and it is getting good response there. Meanwhile, Audi will be launching Audi S4 sedan and Audi TT sports in the state soon. Amidst the rising demand for luxury in the state, Mercedes is also focusing on MP for the sale of recently launched new Mercedes Benz M Class and it is hoped that it will also be putting the state at the centre of its marketing strategy for the forthcoming B Class this Diwali.

BMW 3 Series Pictures

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It is believed that the demand for luxury cars in India is sustained despite of a decrease in demand for petrol and small cars following the high interest rates and rising fuel prices. This is because the luxury cars are bought by people who are in general unaffected by the ups and downs of interest rates or the fuel prices and diesel or petrol matters little to them. It is the luxury and premium nature of the car that is important rather than the price of the car or the fuel it uses.

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