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Monday, April 30, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Luxury, speed cars making their way in India so is their aggressive marketing

Is India gradually becoming a prominent market for lush and plush cars? It certainly is. The latest luxury car sales data predict that India is moving on to the luxury and speed car segment gradually and there is a high demand for cars such as Bugatti, Ferrari, BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Even some car buyers who have large pockets demand for Koenigsegg which is the fastest car available. The Rs 12.5 crore car has buyers in India. This is just an example and there are car buyers who wish to have a fleet of luxury cars in their parking lot.

Bugatti Veyron Pictures

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The gradually increasing demand is also the result of robust marketing outsourced to professional marketing companies that offer some tour packages to those who wish to buy these lush cars. A tour to the car’s production plant obviously located outside India or a family, friends trip to the race track testing the speed of the cars are some of the offering used to lure car buyers. Be it Rolls-Royce Phantom, Porsche 911, Maybach 57 S Sedan or a Lamborghini Gallardo, there is whole of buyers in queue. Some even wait for a year before they get the car.

Rolls Royce Phantom Photo

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As per an estimate, the luxury segment has seen a growth of over 20 percent in 2010 and is also currently growing at an almost similar rate after a slowdown in 2011. With the growth in this segment there arises the question that is India really ready for such speed cars? The latest accident in New Delhi in which a cyclist was hurt by a speeding Lamborghini is shocking and it puts a question mark on such racing cars n India. However, more and more luxury cars are making India their home. The costliest car available in India is Koenigsegg Agera which is priced at Rs 12.5 crore and next to it is Bugatti Veyron which is priced at Rs 12.3 crore.


Maybach 57 S PhotoPorsche 911 Photo


Lamborghini Gallrdo PhotoKoenigsegg Agera Photo

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