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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Mahindra E20 launch on 18th, price list almost final

Now that air regarding the sops to the electric car industry is clear and the other tax declarations and subsidies are in place, there is little time left for the Mahindra E20 launch. As per the official report, the launch will take place on 18th March, 2013. Though the electric car Reva NXR was almost ready since its unveil at the Auto Expo held in January 2012 but in order to test the model quite well, the car maker took so long so that there are no drawbacks in the product. Also, since this technology is new to India and this product will shape the future of all such products launched henceforth. If this car becomes a success story, there will be loads of cars coming in.

Mahindra Reva E20 Pictures

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The new Reva or the Reva NXR or the E20 will be the first electric car of India recently and the car maker wants to leave no stone unturned to ascertain its success. Already the new specifications have created much abuzz in the market and it seems that the car will be a success as it has high per charge run, less recharging time and more power besides enough room for four people. Unlike the previous Reva, the E20 will not be beaten out of the industry following its low quality interiors, performance and high maintenance. It is said that Mahindra has improved upon the technology part a lot and has made it much affordable to maintain. The per kilometer run price is also low now.

It will be cheaper to run than any of the entry level small car be it Maruti Alto 800, Tata Nano or the Chevrolet Spark or Hyundai Eon. But price wise it will be little costlier than the Maruti Swift petrol. Now, the car is ready and its launch is round the corner. The only thing that is keeping it from launch is the price which will be decided once the budget proposals come into force. Some experts believe that Mahindra could push the launch of the E20 to April as well.


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