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Monday, March 04, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Mahindra E2o launch anytime now

The Union Budget has clearly given a go ahead signal to Mahindra to launch its Mahindra E20 electric car in India. Tons of rebates, mammoth appreciation and promotion of green technology in India are some of the freebies for hybrid and electric cars in the country. Now nothing is keeping Mahindra from launching e2O in the country and it is also all set to launch the car anytime from now. This first viable Indian electric car is expected to be priced around Rs 4 lakh and it is believed that the fresh budgetary proposals will surely help Mahindra lower the price to some extent.

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The e2O has undergone a series of changes both in strategy as well as timing. First, it was rumored that it will be launched just after its unveil at the Auto Expo held in January 2012. Later, Mahindra reportedly tested this car and later in the year the car got a new name and it shunned its old name Mahindra Reva NXR with which it was popularly known. Then this year, it was believed that it will be launched anytime but the car had to wait for the declaration of the Energy Mission proposals and later the Budget so that Mahindra could price the car in a better fashion.

Now that all the prerequisites of E2O launch are met to an extent, latest information is that it will be launched this month or sometime in April. It is believed that as the budget proposals are not at all too supportive, Mahindra will not able to price the car so well as it expected to do if there would have more grants and subsidies by the government. Thus E2O price will not be so slow and it is expected to be priced a little more than Maruti Swift or Hyundai i20. But there is no doubt that this car will be an instant hit on its launch as the fuel prices are already high and people are desperately in the search of some car that is not at all a burden on one’s pocket. Being the only viable electric car in India, the car is also expected to get some good response. But the million rupee question is, ‘Is India ready for electric cars?’

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Mr.Anirruddha Vele

Friday, March 06, 2015

Looking nice, but what is the price.

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