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Monday, March 11, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Mahindra launches Ask Movement ahead of Mahindra e2o launch on March 18

Why do we not socialize offline as much as we socialize online? Why the cities aren’t clean as our homes, Why are ice caps melting and Mangroves disappearing? All these are some of the questions that are part of the ‘Ask Movement’ initiated by Mahindra. As part of the launch campaign of its new electric car Mahindra Reva E20, the car maker invites people to ask questions and ask to change, ask to bring a movement. No doubt the campaign is true to e2o’s nature as it is a car that will bring a change and will surely answer why all cars are not electric cars. This car is sure to pose itself as an example that how the green technology can be so useful and how it has been put to the best use in the form of the E20 car. To be launched in 06 Days, 19 Hours, 34 Minutes and few second when the news was written, the Mahindra E20 is just a few days away from its launch. The car is launching on March 18, Monday.

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Expected since January 2012, the first viable electric car of India is just round the corner and even before its launch it has literally set in a debate. A debate to bring change from the present to a more secured, greener future. The car maker has asked people to come forward and ask questions such as the abovementioned and these questions will then be in want of answers. The car maker with the help of the introductory video tries to incite people to ask to change the present scene. By asking some of the most intriguing questions that the scenario can be changed and a healthy change can be brought.
This is a competition and whoever asks the most intriguing question will be able to win the Mahindra e2o. The entries will be accepted after one log in with Facebook and there one can ask the question. Mahindra says that the questions must not relate to politics religion or any other such controversial issue and it should be one of kind or generic in nature.

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