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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Mahindra steps up production of Quanto, XUV 500 and Rexton

Three Mahindra cars – Mahindra Quanto, Mahindra XUV 500 and the recently launched Mahindra Rexton SUV are in great demand. This is the reason why the car maker has increased the production of these cars with immediate effect in order to put a check on the rising waiting period. Thus with delivery streamlining, it is believed that the demand will increase and this will be further helping the SUV maker in posting excellent sales yet again. Notably, Mahindra had posted excellently good growth in 2012 even when the industry had seen some of the worst times ever. Experts believe that this was possible only because of the car offerings such as these.

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Another factor that has stepped up demand for SUV is the rising craze for these misjudged fuel guzzlers. As people realized that SUVs like the Quanto, Renault Duster and the XUV 500 or other ones recently launched are not at all fuel guzzlers and are as fuel efficient as any small car, there is a significant rise in demand. Also, mileage is very important in India specially when over 80 percent of the car buyers in India have mileage delivery as one of the factors in finalizing a car. Despite of being bigger in size, these cars are some of the best mileage cars in their segment and have established a name for themselves. Another important thing to note is that Mahindra Rexton has also settled quite fast and well in the luxury SUV segment despite being from a brand that has just been launched in India.  

As per the latest reports, now on over 3500 units of Quanto, 500 units of Rexton and over 4500 units of XUV 500 will be produced by Mahindra per month. This will be able to bring down the waiting period to a large extent and as per industry experts this way Mahindra will be able to stand at a better footing compared to its rivals such as Duster, Tata Safari Storme and other SUVs.

Mahindra Quanto Picture Mahindra Quanto Picture Mahindra Quanto Picture Mahindra Quanto Picture Mahindra Quanto Picture

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