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Thursday, April 11, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Mahindra Vibe hatchback launch next month

It seems that Mahindra is finally going to foray in the hatchback segment dominated by Maruti Swift. But there is a difference between the approach. Where Maruti added boot to Swift hatchback and formed its sedan Maruti Swift Dzire, Mahindra is doing the opposite. The car maker has cut the boot of Mahindra Verito sedan to form what is called Mahindra Vibe hatchback. This hatchback is all Verito except the boot. All expected to be launched next month, Mahindra’s first hatchback will be priced around Rs 6 lakh and it will give strong resistance to Hyundai i20 and Swift.

Mahindra Verito Pictures

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The market was abuzz with lot of news regarding the car maker coming up with the compact sedan of Verito and now what it has come up is the cut down variant of it in the form of Vibe hatchback. It was believed that Verito will be getting a treatment somewhat like Swift Dzire but looking at the pictures available, the Vibe has highly unconventional rear profile. Just like Mahindra Scorpio, the Vibe too has its tail lamps placed on the pillars on the two sides of the rear windscreen while the boot structure is somewhat like the present Verito. So there is a close resemblance with the Verito at the rear as well but it is unconventional and there are only few experiments like this in the segment.

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Mahindra has done considerable effort in resizing the Verito into a small car and this reprofiling has taken considerable time. The Vibe is an under 4 meter car and thus it will have lots of concession as well as excise duty of only 12 percent and the car maker will be able to price is considerably cheaper than the Verito. But the million dollar question is that with only over 1500 taker of the sedan every month how many will be there for the hatchback?

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