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Thursday, November 22, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti 800 exports rise as demand in India falls

The iconic Maruti 800 may have been dying a slow death in India with next generation models such as Maruti Alto K10 and Maruti Alto 800 gaining popularity but the car is still a craze abroad. If the export numbers of the Maruti 800 are closely examined there is a spur in demand for the car in the countries in which the car is being exported. As per the reports, the car has seen a 55 percent spur in demand compared to last year in foreign countries. Similarly, another car which is the small wonder – Tata Nano has almost the same story. It is craving for some decent numbers in the domestic market but is gaining popularity in export markets such as Nepal and Sri Lanka. Tata is aggressively finding some space for Tata Nano showrooms in other parts of the globe.

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Several reports suggest that there has been an increase in demand for M800 car in Egypt and Algeria where the car has seen the highest demand. Furthermore, if export figures are assessed, it is revealed that these two markets are getting numbers that are even higher than entire Europe. Thus these African countries have become the dream destinations for the car that is almost forgotten and has been banished from metros following its so called dirty, polluting engine.

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Meanwhile, similar reports suggest that the best selling export model Maruti A Star has seen a downgrade in demand and is returning not so good numbers in the export markets. One of the factors behind a fall in exports of A Star is the crisis at Manesar. In the meantime, Maruti has no plans to revive the small car 800 in India and it will not invest in its upgrade and specially when the Alto 800 is there and has done almost the same magic that 800 did some decades ago.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

yes, it is right that after launching Maruti Alto 800; the company should discontinue the M800 from Indian auto market.

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