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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Maruti 800cc diesel small car to soon show up!

Well, Tata Nano diesel will soon get a tough competition. According to the fresh reports, Maruti Suzuki is working on an 800cc turbo diesel engine, which will be powering a new small car. This one will give a neck to neck competition of Tata Nano Diesel. Therefore, even before the launch of this diesel small wonder, Suzuki is already facing a competition. The new Maruti 800cc diesel car is expected to hit the Indian roads by 2014. Right now, this diesel engine is in its developing stage and Suzuki is trying its best to make it top class. Once this diesel engine enters the market, small cars like Maruti A-Star and Maruti Wagon R might also feature this engine variant.

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Apart from Suzuki and Tata Motors, other car makers are also working on a small capacity turbo diesel engines for their small cars. Volkswagen is working on 800cc twin cylinder TDI turbo diesel engine. This one, which is present in the XL1 Concept is in testing stage and is likely to feature in cars like Skoda CitiGo and Volkswagen UP! So, three auto majors are already working on small capacity turbo diesel engine and the reason behind this is the rising demand for diesel cars across the globe.

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A small car featuring a turbo diesel engine would certainly be fuel efficient and make more sales as compared to the diesel car. The diesel small cars will also have impressive drivability along with respectable torque. also, the turbo diesel engine make the car produce less carbon dioxide emission as compared to petrol engine powered cars. Therefore, we can see that the plus points of diesel powered small cars are plenty in number. Thus, one thing can be rest assured, which is Tata Nano Diesel will face a very warm welcome from its fanatics.


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