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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Alto 800 close rivals, which is the best buy

Maruti Suzuki India has finally rolled out its much awaited small car, Maruti Alto 800. This one is the cheaper, more stylish and more fuel efficient version of Maruti Alto. With the grand launch and so much of appreciation came a hard-hitting competition. The car is facing a tough fight from other small cars in the Indian car bazaar, including Hyundai Eon and Tata Nano.


Maruti Alto 800 Pictures
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Maruti Alto 800 Vs Hyundai Eon VS Tata Nano



Starting with the price, Maruti Alto 800 is launched with initial price tag of Rs. 2, 44,000, which appears to be very economic for an average Indian consumer. But at the same time, Hyundai Eon and Tata Nano also come with prices that would lure you towards them. On one hand where Tata Nano came up as the world’s cheapest car with a starting price of Rs. 1, 41,898; on the other hand, Hyundai Eon’s base variant has a decent price of Rs. 2, 74,821. The Hyundai Eon price might seem a bit high, so that cuts down the competition for Alto 800 by one.


Hyundai Eon Pictures

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Now let's check the engine department where Maruti Alto 800 and Hyundai Eon are going neck to neck. Both have the same 0.8 litre of petrol engine, but in Eon, the engine is tweaked to churn out 56Ps of peak power and 75Nm of maximum torque; whereas, in Alto 800, the engine is tweaked to produce 48PS of power and 69Nm of torque. If Tata Nano is compared to the new small wonder by Maruti, then it lags behind a bit. Tata Nano comes powered by 624cc of engine generating peak power and torque of 38Ps and 51Nm respectively.



With engine, comes the mileage, which is one of the major concerns for an aspiring Indian car consumer. Maruti India has tried its best to make the new Maruti Alto 800 top-class in delivering superior mileage. This one gives out a whopping figure of 22.74kmpl as fuel economy. But, this is easily overtaken by Tata Nano with a tremendous mileage deliverance of 25kmpl. Finally, compared to Alto 800, Hyundai Eon gives a tiny-bit less mileage on road. It manages to give out 21.1kmpl of fuel economy. Therefore, we can say, in terms of mileage, Tata Nano steals the show.


Tata Nano Pictures

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After comparing the technical specs, we can clearly say that Maruti Alto 800 isn’t a letdown. But, then it all comes down to the features, which has a big hand in fetching some great revenue figures for the firm. Starting with Maruti Alto 800, it has been blessed with many comfort features, which range from air conditioning, front power windows, and power steering to driver side airbags. But then, missing features like CD player and cup holders for the front, which are present in Hyundai Eon, gives Eon a bit of an edge over Alto. In comparison, Tata Nano is way behind, as it has only air conditioning, front power windows, front cup holders and central locking system. You would not see remote fuel lid opener or power steering or CD player in Tata Nano. Overall, the new entrant in the Indian car bazaar, Alto 800 is an impressive one and as a result it comes out with flying colors.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This car has 2 versions, the petrol and the LPG. Since I have booked LPG, it will save my lot of money. Petrol engine is powered by 796 cc power engine which delivers a mileage of 16 kmpl on city roads and 20 kmpl on highways.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The new Maruti Alto 800 small is name of good features and nice looks.

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