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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Maruti Alto 800 launch in Nepal next month

The Maruti Alto 800 will be launched in Nepal next month after setting much abuzz in the small car segment in the country. Though not as inspiring sales as the erstwhile Maruti 800, but the new car has in fact helped the car maker a lot in sustaining even in tough times when the demand has gone down to unfathomed depths. It is believed that Alto 800’s short journey to Nepal will have some interesting results in the form of high sales as Maruti cars are a hit in the country as well. Currently, Maruti has not disclosed the Alto 800 price in Nepal but it will be affordable for the market as the car maker expect some good numbers from the new destination.

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In India on the other hand, the car is the first choice of entry-level car buyers and its entry has literally ripped Tata Nano. After the launch of this new Maruti car, the Nano sales have been on the downside and in January the sales dropped to just over 1500 units which are highly surprising. Meanwhile, Tata is expected to launch the Nano Diesel and Nano CNG in March and this is believed to bring back some action on the sales of India’s cheapest car. The Nano sales have also proved that it is only a Maruti small car can sustain in the segment and every other attempt will have the same fate as is of the Nano.

The new 800 car by Maruti though has changed the perspective and has proved that even small car can be good looking despite being low priced. Design wise, the car beats some of the luxury hatchbacks in India. In the segment, it has only Nano as its rivals while some resistance is brought forth by Chevrolet Spark. While Hyundai Eon and Honda Brio are priced more than it.

Maruti Alto 800 Pictures  Maruti Alto 800 Dashboard Picture  Maruti Alto 800 Rear Angle View Picture  Maruti Alto 800 Rear View Picture  Maruti Alto 800 Third Row Seat Picture

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