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Saturday, January 05, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti cars are on road safety awareness drive in Maharashtra

The seniors of the family have a lot of responsibility and Maruti India being the largest car maker in the country has a lot to do. Taking it as an excellent opportunity, the car maker has inked a deal with Maharashtra Highway Police to promote road safety. No wonder if you would see Maruti Ertiga or Maruti Alto 800 with branding of Maharashtra Highway Police and Maruti raising banners and slogans to educate car drivers about road safety rules. This is considered to be a noble gesture by the car maker and the industry has welcomed the move and experts wish if all the car makers come forward and dedicate their resources in increasing awareness about road safety rules.


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As per the agreement, Maruti cars will be provided to the police and these will be driven across 9 cities of Maharashtra. In these cities, the cars will be focusing residential areas as well as colleges and will make aware people about the road rules and safety measures as well as what needs to be done in the event of an accident. In addition to this, Maruti will also be increasing awareness among people regarding safe driving practices which to a large extent averts accident. Similarly, such education will be compulsorily provided at the Maruti Driving Schools as well.  


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The campaign is expected to be a hit as Maruti has the largest presence in the country and people will readily relate themselves and will attentively listen and put to practice what is being preached at the awareness drive. Also, Maruti will be able to reach to more prospective customers and this drive is expected to highly bring down the accident rate in Maharashtra. Notably, in the past, Maruti cars such as Maruti 800 had the least safety measures inside the car and were called as raw cars and these were criticized as only a box of steel. However, in due course of time, Maruti has upgraded itself and installed some of the world class safety measures such as Anti lock Braking system, air bag, crumple zones and electronic brake force distribution in its cars thus making Maruti cars as some of the safest cars.

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