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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Ertiga gets Family Car of the Year 2012 award

It was fated and it was meant to impress the car buyers in India and the world and it did. The Maruti Ertiga has been awarded the Family Car of the Year 2012 title by BBC Top Gear India. Starting at a price of Rs 5.89 lakh, this multi utility vehicle or the LUV as Maruti calls it has set itself comfortably in the segment. The Ertiga has become a strong rival of Toyota Innova and other MUVs in the segment that was getting huge response till April when it arrived. The 5+2 seating has greatly added to its worth and the price has helped it gain instant popularity.  



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Another factor that has helped the car become the family car of the year is its affordable nature. Being a Maruti car there is no doubt about the brand and in addition to this the 20.7 kmpl mileage on diesel is really inspiring people to go for this car rather than others in the segment. Also the Ertiga offers what a Rs 12 lakh MUV cannot. Though it has some dearth of space but the space inside is in no way insufficient for normal use as a family car. In addition to this, the Ertiga reviews have been the most inspiring and over 55,000 customers who have bought the car are all satisfied with the performance, space and mileage delivery of the car but with exceptions.  
The MUV has also been liked for its versatile nature offering seating as well storage space at the third row. It monocoque compact design as well as availability in diesel and petrol engine options have altogether added to the charm. The Family Car of the Year award to Maruti Ertiga is also just as the car got instant success without much hoopla as it really had the genes to impress people.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It is right that Ertiga is an affordable and fuel efficient car but it can't perform like Innova. Innova is more specious and powerful than Eritga but it goes costly.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Maruti Ertiga is having classy and Elegant looks side view of car looks different and perfect car for family that's why it is awarded with Family car of the year..

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