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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Ertiga is in, Enjoy, Evalia when are you coming!

Now that the Maruti Ertiga is finally in and seems to be in a pretty well manner, what is the scope for the two upcoming MPVs - American Chevrolet Enjoy and Japanese MPV Nissan Evalia? With the Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3 BS IV already in, at what price band will the American car maker launch the Enjoy? Is the Enjoy a true rival of Ertiga? What will be the fate of Nissan Evalia? Is Evalia not big for India? Will it be a true rival of Toyota Innova? These and many such questions still bother the mind of an auto enthusiast. It seems to be a matter of time when these questions will get their answer. But it is sure that Ertiga has clocked 15k + bookings and it will clock more making it a popular MPV in India.

Maruti Ertiga Photo
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The Chevrolet Enjoy MPV expected to be launched in diesel and petrol options is believed to take a price tag of Rs 8 lakh. If we consider this to be its launch price, it will be costlier than Ertiga but still cheaper than Toyota Innova. It is going to threaten Ertiga? In fact not. Reason: people in India have yet again showed that Indian car buyers has Maruti as the most trusted brand and whatever and at whatever price tag Maruti launches, it is well accepted in India. Maruti Ertiga is a latest example. However, it is expected that in order to put Ertiga out of business or to play some degree of spoilsport, Enjoy MPV will be launched at a much lesser price tag.


Chevrolet MPV Pictures

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If we talk of the upcoming MPV Nissan Evalia it is believed to be much bigger in size than Ertiga or any other MPV. The Evalia will have sliding door just as everybody has seen in Maruti Omni (of course these will be bigger) and it will also have a door at the back as well that eases loading and unloading of stuff. In addition to it, it will have an expected price tag of Rs 11 lakh which is quite higher than even entry level Innova. However experts believe that, Nissan will be stripping off some features from Evalia to bring its price down.

Nissan Evalia Photo

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