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Friday, June 08, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Ertiga opens up avenues for five upcoming MPV/MUVs

Now that Maruti Ertiga has shown that India has been long waiting for a low priced MPV and the segment has lots and lots of potential, almost five new MPVs are soon to be added to the segment soon. These are - Nissan Evalia, Chevrolet Enjoy, Ashok Leyand Style, Hyundai Hexa Space and Force MPV. It is expected that even with all the entrants in, Ertiga will still be the first choice of the car buyers as people of India blindly trust Maruti cars for their reliability and long life. Thanks to the legacy created by Maruti 800.


Maruti Ertiga Photo
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Certainly, the inflow of these upcoming MPVs in India will dampen the sales of Ertiga to some extent but being priced less and offering a lot of space and features at an attractive price will help Ertiga lead the segment. Currently, Ertiga is at the first position beating Toyota Innova by 90 units in May this and gradually is going to add more numbers to the sales. However, the bulging waiting period of Maruti Ertiga could play a spoilsport for this Maruti MPV as the car maker seems to be unable to handle the demand.


Maruti Ertiga Photo
See More Maruti Ertiga Photos Get Maruti Ertiga Price

Car industry analysts believe that the new MPVs will certainly inflate the segment cutting some numbers of the SUV segment and the sedan segment. Meanwhile, with the Ertiga available at Rs 5.9 lakh people really had an excellent option over Tata Sumo, ICML Rhino Rx or Mahindra Xylo. Among the five upcoming MUVs, the Nissan Evalia is expected to arrive earlier than others followed by Enjoy by Chevrolet and then there will be the two MPVs – Style and Hexa Space. Meanwhile, the rising fuel prices as well as government’s intention to put excise duty on diesel cars puts a big question mark on the car sales in the coming months. The already high interest rates, rising fuel prices, and now the proposed tax on diesel cars are going to dampen the already meek car sales in the country.

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Anshu Gupta

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maruti Ertiga is really an excellent MUV with luxurious features....

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