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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Maruti Ertiga website up, less details high anticipation, LUV is in the air

Love is certainly in the air these days in the Indian auto industry. And Love gets its final treat with the Maruti Ertiga launch. In order to spur the excitement and anticipation just ahead of the MUV launch, Maruti has flooded the internet with Ertiga advertisements and has also put up the official website of Ertiga. The website focuses Ertiga as a feeling called LUV. The website also features a tab wherein it asks ‘LUV is……’ and the user can input his definition of LUV and as soon as the Enter button is pressed, the definition of LUV is there on an empty block that in a mosaic form makes the Ertiga. Call it Love utility vehicle or Light utility vehicle or simply call it Life utility vehicle, the Toyota Innova rival is soon to bring a storm in the industry.



See More Maruti Ertiga Photos Get Maruti Ertiga Price

The official website is up and getting increased hits day by day. The Maruti Ertiga website also features details about the Ertiga and link to some of the online and offline media reports published about Maruti Ertiga. However, the details uploaded on the website are still less and complete product information is still awaited. But the overall theme of the website increases the excitement for the MUV fourfold. Various test drives and news reports about Ertiga have also been uploaded on the website in the Ertiga In News tab.  


Maruti Ertiga Photo
See More Maruti Ertiga Photos Get Maruti Ertiga Price

The Ertiga Gallery section has a big LUV collage made from 13 photos of Ertiga; from the debut at the Auto Expo, to the interior-exterior pics. There is also a test drive section in which a user can fill in details and a test drive will be arranged for him. The Ertiga website also has information about the dealerships where it will be sold post its launch. However, the website gives a slight picture of the Ertiga, it certainly adds to the excitement and one really feels that the car is worth loving as LUV is coming soon, the Ertiga is coming soon.

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