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Monday, January 28, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti evaluates options to develop a hybrid car priced Rs 10 lakh

Maruti cars are synonymous with high performance and fuel economy; customers in India prefer to opt for Maruti cars as they along with the above mentioned attributes, demand low maintenance. Maruti Suzuki India is definitely the undisputed king of small cars and according to the latest buzz the car maker could bring a hybrid small car. Now to make this small car fuel efficient, the car will have an electric motor along with a diesel or petrol motor. Such cars are more frugal than those cars that come equipped with only petrol or diesel engine. Hybrid cars are ideal for shorter distance, while to cover longer distance petrol engined cars are preferred. Currently, Maruti offers LPG-Petrol and CNG-Petrol duel fuel cars.


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Since Maruti Suzuki small cars are generally used for city use only, therefore it would be a viable option for the auto major to develop a hybrid car. Maruti cars are also known for the affordable price at which it proffers its cars, however in case of the hybrid car the price is on the upper side. The electric motor used in the hybrid cars are powered by lithium batteries that are expensive leading to a high leap in the car price. India as of now has only one hybrid car available for sale and that is the Toyota Prius hybrid car. Toyota Prius comes through CBU route in India which increases the car’s cost further, the car costs around Rs 30 lakh.

On the hand, the hybrid car which Maruti Suzuki India is developing could cost around Rs 10 lakh. Of late the government of India announced National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020, this plan renders subsidy to hybrid and electric car technology. This would encourage the manufacturing of hybrid and electric cars in India which are highly frugal. Maruti Suzuki India however has not made any official announcement regarding the development of its first hybrid car, but with the NEMMP 2020 being announced, it could soon reveal its plan.


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