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Monday, January 28, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Maruti gets 144% profits in Oct-Dec 2012 quarter

Yet again, Maruti Alto 800 and the Maruti Ertiga have proved to be the best cars and cars capable of pulling Maruti out of sales slumber. As per reports, Maruti has attained 144 percent jump in quarterly profits following the bumper sales of these cars besides others. It is believed that these two cars have proved to be volume pullers and have set afire demand in their respective segments. Where Alto 800 has swept small car sales to its side, Ertiga has done exceptionally well in the multi-utility car segment in the country. Sales data by the company suggests that in the period of October to December 2012, the car maker earned a profit of 5.01 billion rupees as compared to the same period last year.

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Though 2011 was a year that saw tantrums but 2012 was none better. In this year, it is individual cars that have performed while car makers still used red ink on their sales report. Literally, the Ertiga though comparatively smaller than Toyota Innova or Mahindra Xylo has proved itself to be the first choice of people. Similarly, the Alto 800 has come out to be the first choice of people who wish to buy a small car. With new engine and a strong modern body work, the Alto 800 came out as an excellent replacement of Maruti 800.
Though in December 2012, Maruti sales rose by 3.2 percent only but its sales rose 27 percent in the said quarter and exports also saw an upswing. It is believed that the upcoming cars including Maruti XA Alpha and the S Cross concept will also be contributing much to sale and thus this year as well the sales chart will see an upswing. Though there is no information as of yet about the XA Alpha launch but it is believed that it will be launched in this quarter.


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