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Friday, March 22, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Maruti India adopts five ITIs in Punjab

Car makers mint money in India but they return it in some way or the other. Taking such a move, Maruti India has adopted five industrial training institutes in Punjab. Maruti will be upgrading these institutes technically and will help in every manner so that these centres produce some of the most skilled work force in the country. The car maker has inked a deal with Punjab government and will soon be starting the upgradation process of these institutes. The ITIs of Amritsar, Bassi Pathana, Pathankot, Malerkotla and Nabha have been adopted.

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The upgradation will be based on public private partnership program and this will help produce some of the finest brains for the automobile and other industries. Notably, car makers endevour in the development of work force and then there are larger opportunities that these skilled people are then absorbed by the car manufacturers. Thus this creates a golden opportunity for students at such institutes as they have near job security after they pass out. Maruti has currently two plants in India at Gurgaon and Manesar and the other it is developing in Gujarat. The company produces diesel cars such as Maruti Swift and Swift Dzire at the Manesar plant while all the petrol cars such as Maruti Alto 800, Maruti Alto K10 etc. are produced at the Gurgaon plant. The company will be in need of fresh workforce for its Gujarat plant and it will have some of the best people from such ITIs.

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As part of the memorandum, Maruti will be providing aid to technically upgrade the institutes in the form of new equipments and facilities for the student. This way, the students will have better education and training at these institutes. When there are better equipments, they will be able to learn things well and thus there will be more employable workforce produced by these institutes.

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