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Saturday, November 05, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Maruti Manesar Union leader Sonu Gujjar resigns with a hefty INR 40 lakh

Trade union leader Sonu Gujjar along with his suspended mates made silent exit from the Maruti Suzuki’s manufacturing plant in Manesar. According to reliable sources, Gujjar and another union leader, Shiv Kumar are speculated to have got a hefty amount of Rs 40 lakh each as a full and final ‘settlement’ before quitting on 22nd October.

However, their team mates were left astonished and angry over their resignation in such a fashion. Remaining 28 suspended workers also got their share of settlement amount which is eyed to be anywhere between Rs 16 lakh to Rs 40 lakh. As far as workers inside the Manesar plant are concerned, fear has gripped them that this kind of end could mean that the company will carry an upper hand on them in future proceedings.

A member of the suspended group of 30 workers, Rishi Pal said that he quitted on Wednesday with an amount of Rs 16 lakh when he came to know that his leaders Sonu Gujjar and Shiv Kumar have also resigned. Pal further added that he along with his strikers had decided that they won’t bend down to any offer from the company, except the formation of a new union, but the resignation of Gujjar and Kumar left no option for others but to follow the suit.

He quoted that an internal enquiry was done in which he and his coworkers decided to leave with payouts. The company offered them the negotiated amount which was their separation package as compensation for their resignation from services.

Union leaders, Gujjar and Kumar are not traceable as per their colleges who went on to their houses to find it locked.

In last stand off at Manesar, Maruti have lost more than Rs 1,600 crore and the cancellation of bookings of its cars continue with exhausting waiting periods.

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