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Thursday, February 14, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti readying four new cars to capture the SUV segment

Maruti seems to be going slow in launching its SUV Maruti XA Alpha but the report suggest that there are almost four new Maruti SUVs coming soon. This way the car giant will be transforming the SUV segment and will register its presence quite comfortable. Currently, the Maruti Gypsy and Maruti Grand Vitara are the two SUVs that take of the segment from Maruti side for the sake of name only as these two have seldom any takers in the personal vehicle segment. Though Maruti Gypsy’s supply in government department is intact but that is limited as well following its availability in only petrol version.

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So which are the four SUVs that Maruti might be planning for India? These are Maruti XA Alpha, Maruti Swift Dzire based SUV, Maruti SX4 based SUV and a mini SUV which is based on the Grand Vitara. With this the fate of Gypsy seems to end soon as the diesel only wave will wipe it out soon. These four SUVs will be overwhelmingly representing the car maker in the segment after an almost nil representation for years altogether. Where the French car Renault Duster is enjoying its tenure currently, it will be wanting for some walk in as soon as XA Alpha and other SUVs arrive, it seems. In addition to this, as Maruti cars have great hold over the market and people go for a Maruti car blindly, the scope and prospects of these SUVs is immense.

Also, these SUVs will be representing the entire price segment. Right from the entry level compact SUV segment taken care of by XA Alpha to mini Grand Vitara, Maruti has set things so that the segment has none other than Maruti SUVs only. Meanwhile, experts believe that some SUVs such as Ford Ecosport could to an extent dampen the prospects of these entry level Maruti SUVs. Overall, it is a wait and watch situation as of now as further details about specifications and price of upcoming Maruti SUVs is still awaited.

Maruti XA Alpha Pictures

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H S Naruka

Friday, April 12, 2013

This is realy a good new that finally maruti is coming with new SUVs but the report is almost a year old. What is the latest up needs to be updated regarding the same?

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