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Friday, April 05, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Maruti Ritz, Kizashi and other cars fail to perform well

There are cars such as Maruti Ertiga that sell well, but there are cars that fail to perform. Maruti Ritz is one of them. The Kizashi is the worst as it had no takers in March. New Ford Fiesta along with many other newly launched cars has failed the expectations of Indian customers. The cars were cashed in with high expectations by the manufacturing companies also. Ford was believed to be a tough competitor to many other car manufacturers like Honda and Hyundai with the popularity of its Ford Figo, hatchback version; but its new model fiesta suffered a loss in India automobile market and was not a success as it was expected to be.

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The manufacturers were also trying to cash the response of earlier models and expected the new car to be a successful endeavor but the cold response it received was a big blow to the manufacturers. As reported by several sources the figures of sales show that the sale of fiesta is lagging behind many of its counterparts and even does not make up to one tenth of the sale of other car manufacturers.


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Fiesta is not the only model that has suffered big blow but other cars such as Tata Aria, Nissan Evalia also have received a cold response from the market. These cars have not even achieved 10% of their set targets although they have given heavy discounts still the figures have dropped significantly. According to experts, the reason for cold response is the premium pricing that the companies have attached with the cars. Earlier the company was known for providing value for money cars. The cars launched by companies like Chevrolet and Maruti are also the reasons for slow response these cars are getting. These new cars have significant features present but even then these are not able to perform as well as these were expected to be. The standards earlier set by these cars have ignited high hopes and their limited features have crushed all the expectation by bringing a loss to consumers as well as manufacturers.

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