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Friday, February 08, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Suzuki inducts MapmyIndia GPS Navigators in OEM accessories list

Even air conditioning was thought to be a luxury only a few decades ago and people were contended with Maruti 800 car that came with standard equipments only. In this time, cars have gone hi-tech and so are the car makers. Though the pace of modernization is too fast and the luxurization of cars is so fast, the acceptance in various segments is faster than that. Now-a-days base models have few takers while those studded with features and gizmos are well taken and sell in numbers. Now upgrading its showrooms to next gen applications and gizmos, Maruti India will be putting up MapMyIndia GPS Navigators at all its 550 showrooms and it will be selling these to its customers.  

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Notably, MapMyIndia is a GPS navigation device that can be easily fitted in cars and with the help of it, the driver get the driving instructions to the destination. In addition to this, the device is capable of telling the shortest route to the destination, travel time as well as the current location of the car. By inducting it in the accessories list at its dealers, the customers will be able to buy these and get these fitted right at the moment while purchasing the car. The price of the best selling and the top model Vc140s by MapMyIndia is Rs 11,990 and once fitted this device makes travel easier as well as helps the car buyers attain more fuel efficiency by avoiding jammed streets.

Including this device in the list of Maruti accessories means that it will step up the use of this gizmos in Maruti cars and it will be the end customer that will be at benefit as this will help boost the use of GPS based devices. As Maruti cars are the largest selling cars India, the use of GPS systems on these cars will further the scope of this technology and more and more customers will be able to experience the innovation in this field.       

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