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Thursday, February 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Swift Dzire sedan to target taxi segment, price cut imminent

Maruti Swift Dzire sedan happens to have an inappropriate treatment after its long successful career as the best selling sedan in India. And significantly after the New Maruti Swift Dzire launch just yesterday. It is reportedly known that Maruti India is thinking on renaming the Swift Dzire and would be selling it as a taxi special car. Though shocking, but it seems to be the fate of Maruti Swift Dzire sedan. Shocking in the sense that there is high demand for this Maruti sedan in India and people are ready for as long as six-month waiting period.  

Maruti Swift Dzire Pictures

See More Maruti Swift Dzire Photos Get Maruti Swift Dzire Price

Further reports suggest that the existing over four meter sedan Maruti Dzire will receive a price cut soon and will now aim the taxi segment thus the extra comfort and convenience features will be dropped from the car. Notably, Swift Dzire has received much response from the taxi segment following its high reliability and impressively low maintenance. Thus the day is not far when the Swift Dzire will take the yellow number plate.  

Maruti Swift Dzire Pictures

See More Maruti Swift Dzire Photos Get Maruti Swift Dzire Price

Other major factors that have driven Maruti to think in repositioning its sedan are the large boot space. Where it is an advantage for the taxi segment, the average personal vehicle user seldom uses the boot space and thus the Maruti Swift Dzire CS is the car for the people. Besides, Maruti has also kept the New Maruti Swift Dzire price low and there is currently a price difference of around Rs 30,000 between the full boot and the small boot Maruti car. With such pricing, Maruti expects that New Dzire will be doing much better than its big boot brother. In addition to this the introduction of as many as 150 changes in the new Dzire will be attracting people towards it and in such a condition; Maruti’s decision seems to be a wiser one.

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