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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour Taxi enters in India to take on existing leaders

The dominant auto market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has recently launched New Maruti Swift Dzire, which is basically a face-lifted and sub 4-meter version of sedan Maruti Swift Dzire. One of the bestselling sedans of Maruti has been added with 150 new features in exteriors and interiors. So, what will happen to older version, will it get discontinued? The answer is ‘No’, since it will carry on its duties for the commercial purpose in India. Very less people are aware of the fact that Dzire serves ‘Taxi’ function and is the favorite among tour operators and cabbies in the nation, because of its frugal nature and low maintenance costs that has edge over other ‘brand’ of taxis. Now, with official announcement by Maruti that it will introduce ‘Dzire Tour’- the dedicated taxi version, by April’ 2012, the commercial segment is sure to trigger a heated competition among existing taxi cars already present in the commercial segment. In the coming months, one shouldn’t be surprised to see an LPG or CNG run version being rolled out by Maruti in order to propel the sales of Dzire Tour. The Maruti Swift Dzire Tour will be presented in single variant of petrol and diesel along with price tag of Rs 4.88 Lakh and Rs 5.91 Lakh respectively. Let us go through the current players in this money-making business.

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

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Tata Indica

This hatchback car from Tata Motors has seen immense success since its launch. The achievement can be measure by the fact that company had introduced a dedicated variant called as ‘Tata Indicab’. This taxi version was again an instant hit and brought boom in the sales with its 1.4L frugal diesel engine. The car carries minimum features but it is famous among transport business people across the country. The hatchback Taxi is priced above Rs 3 Lakh and goes up to Rs 4 Lakh for various variants.

Tata Indigo eCS Photo

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Tata Indigo

This sedan version of Indica comes with more features and more space. The Tata Indigo XL sedan is very popular among private taxicab owners in major cities of the country. In order to make it the best available choice for taxi owners and cabbies, the company had also launched a under 4-meter version as Tata Indigo CS in 2009, which was cheaper compared to usual sedan. The diesel version comes priced at Rs 5.91 Lakh (Ex showroom), while petrol version is retailed at Rs 6.29 Lakh (Ex showroom). Here the travel operators would like to add Dzire Tour to add a variety in their business.  

Mahindra Verito Pictures

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Mahindra Verito

The current Mahindra Verito was launched by Mahindra-Renault alliance as ‘Logan’ sedan, but after the dissolution of partnership Mahindra re-introduced its vehicle as Verito.  Now, the vehicle is rated as one of the premium vehicles in the taxi segment with its affordable price tag and decent fuel efficiency along with low maintenance costs. The 1461cc sedan is very famous among the multinational companies for to-and-fro of their employees. Maruti Swift Dzire will face stiff competition here being a premium vehicle. The Verito diesel carries a price tag of Rs 5.97 Lakh (Ex showroom), whereas the petrol powered sedan costs Rs 5.04 Lakh (Ex showroom).

Toyota Etios Pictures

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Toyota Etios sedan

The sedan from a premium carmaker Toyota has also been presented in the tab cab category these days in some metro cities like Mumbai. These taxis are more premium and luxurious in comparison to all available cabs in India. The Etios sedan is already famous among private owners and now with its introduction in commercial field any passenger can taste the luxury at an affordable cost. Maruti Dzire ‘Tour’ will have to fight an interesting battle here.

Ambassador Pictures

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Hindustan Motors Ambassador

The full sized sedan with a gem on the roof in the form of ‘flashing red beacon’ has been the most favorite of the Indian politicians, even today some government officials are still seen using the same. The other side of Ambassador is that it is also seen as taxi across the nation since many decades, while Kolkata seems to be its home where one can find them in huge numbers. The sedan may see a total pack up and make way for new age taxi as Maruti Swift Dzire. Here Maruti can launch a CNG or LPG variant to offer variety to the taxi owners.


Maruti Swift Dzire Tour
Variant Price (Delhi Ex-Showroom)
Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI 4,88,000*
Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LDI 5,91,000*
Tata Indica Vista
Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GLS 3,97,685*
Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GLX 4,49,683*
Tata Indica Vista Petrol Safire 65 GVX 4,76,914*
Tata Indica Vista Diesel TDI LS 4,42,675*
Tata Indica Vista Diesel TDI LX 4,89,792*
Tata Indica Vista Diesel Quadrajet LS 4,94,376*
Tata Indigo
Tata Indigo XL Diesel TDI 5,81,771*
Tata Indigo XL Diesel CR4 6,00,513*
Tata Indigo XL CNG with Petrol 6,39,376*
Mahindra Verito
Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G2 BS III 4,95,371*
Mahindra Verito Petrol 1.4 G2 5,04,054*
Mahindra Verito Diesel 1.5 D2 5,97,885*
Toyota Etios (Sedan)
Toyota Etios J 5,14,071*
Toyota Etios G 5,71,111*
Toyota Etios G Safety Package 6,18,080*
Toyota Etios V 6,70,893*
Toyota Etios VX 7,18,171*
Toyota Etios Diesel GD 6,69,488*
Toyota Etios Diesel GD Safety 7,15,987*
Toyota Etios Diesel VD 7,68,273*
Toyota Etos Diesel VXD 8,15,078*
Hindustan Motors Ambassador LPG Classic 4,46,816*
Hindustan Motors Ambassador CNG Classic 4,31,112*
Hindustan Motors Ambassador CNG Grand 5,00,091*


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