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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Maruti Swift in India: Global recall of Swift, India Swift unaffected

After Suzuki Motor Corp (SMC) on Monday recalled more than one lakh Maruti Swift compact cars produced between September, 2010 and April, 2012 as a defect in the car may lead to petrol leakage, the Maruti India claimed that the decision would not make any sort of negative impact on its operations in India. The Japanese partner company SMC of Swift compact cars recalled the defected cars to repair the fault. Its a global recall, said sources.


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Out of the total recalls of 1,09,000 units, reports suggest around half of them (55,146 units) are in Japan while the other 53,801 were sold in Australia, Mexico and European nations, sources said. Since in India, the swift cars are manufactured and sold by Maruti. So, the global recall of the cars would not affect India market of the cars as it has nothing to do with it, sources said. Maruti is the largest car manufacturing company and a trusted name in the country's auto industry. Now that none of the Swift sold in India were recalled means that it further strengthens the trust in brand as people will believe that Maruti cars produced in India are defect free. Thus it will add to the brand value, while it may be a little dent in image for Suzuki. Meanwhile, there are reports the Maruti will soon be launching Maruti Swift Sport in India. Currently the model is popular in Australia and other countries.


Maruti Swift Pictures

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It is said that the car company arrived at a decision to declare a recall as there were at least four cases of leakage reported but it did not lead to any accident, the media reports said. The sources also confirmed that such defect reports have not been received from other countries. The defect was found in rubber fuel filler hose that may cause leakage of fuel. In India Swift is all the rage and it was introduced in the country in 2005.

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